Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen ponders how friendship changes and answers your questions about this season.

on Jun 27, 2012

It was sad to see Tamra and Vicki's relationship come to such a drastic end. Nobody wants to see that happen between long time friends. However it is a testament to life and how the seasons are always changing. People come and go in our lives for a reason; I personally believe God has reasons for everything. Sometimes we don’t always understand it at that moment and it hurts and we ask why, but at some point you realize it maybe was for the best. Some people are meant to be friends forever while others just are a short period of time in your life. But each friendship/ partnership was there to teach us something. It’s up to each of us to realize the lesson taught to us and hopefully grow from that.
Well that sums up my thoughts on this season! I know the reunion is going to be full of surprises and friendships are tested again so be sure to tune in!

My new song "Unbreakable" was released today on iTunes and is doing so well thanks to all the amazing fans! The song as many of your know was inspired by Slade's youngest son Grayson who is battling brain cancer. He is a testament to all of us that no matter what life throws you, you can be unbreakable!

Obviously on tonight's episode I give Tamra a bracelet that references how she needs to always remember that she is unbreakable. This song's lyrics can apply to anyone out there that has gone through anything that is tough. Life is hard, and sometimes we feel like we are going to break, but this is why I wrote this song! I want each of you to remember that nothing can stop you, nothing can break you, you are strong enough to get back up and keep fighting no matter what. Blast this song and sing at the top of your lungs that you are unbreakable! Read these lyrics on my website and embrace them.