Heather Dubrow

Heather shares her feelings on Sarah and her name-changing party.

on Jun 22, 2012

Alexis and Sarah in the car: Sarah is clearly already itching for a fight. She wants to get involved (read: attention). She is starting trouble already. Also, no one is hating. I'm so sick of people who think they are perfect, and can't admit their own faults and issues. If they are called out on anything it's all wrapped up in "people are jealous." Yes, that's it. Everyone is jealous.

Back to the party. . .

Tamra and Eddie arrived first! So glad! They were ready to party! Tamra, Gretchen, and Vicki all brought the loveliest hostess gifts. Not necessary, but truly appreciated!

I was excited to have so many of my close friends that night! Lisa, Donya, Jaye, Sarah C., Dina, Ann, and so many more! This was a special night for Terry and myself.

Listen, you may think it's silly that I am celebrating this event. For me, I am aware that life is short, it's important to appreciate and enjoy every little moment. Terry and I are blessed with an amazing, healthy, fantastic family, and a beautiful life. My kids make fun of me because I cry at every event. So, to me, this a moment I wanted to experience.

Anyway. . .

Alexis walks in with Sarah who already looks impaired. Sarah is EATING the whole time, and she is drinking. Hypoglycemia?!? Oh please. She should do a little more research before diagnosing herself at a doctor's house on national television.