Heather Dubrow

Heather defends calling Gretchen cute and her acting career.

on Feb 14, 2012

For the record, I had never seen RHOC till last week! Lots of discussion about this online -- but it's the truth!

Well, overall I thought this episode was very good and very entertaining. The party at Vicki's went better than I had thought it would go. There were a few moments I'd like to comment on. . .

I told Sarah (Gretchen's friend) that her boyfriend needed to essentially "put a ring on it" that was part of a larger conversation. Sarah has a 12-year-old (lovely) son. I feel like she should have gotten a firm commitment (ring) from her (wealthy) boyfriend before she moved into his house with her son. You can't "play house" when there are children involved. That was my point.

Then there was the story of my engagement to my husband. . . well listen, when you are on your way to Paris, you are kind of hoping for the Eiffel tower proposal, not five hours into an 11 hour flight when your makeup has seeped into your skin, your contact lenses are dry, a kid is kicking your seat, and you are watching a bad movie on a tiny screen while drinking from a plastic cup and eating stale snack mix. However, I was thrilled to be marrying Terry. . .and that's the important part of the story. . .