Heather Dubrow

Heather wonders what Alexis was just so up in arms about during the painting party and discusses Terry's jokes.

on Feb 21, 2012

Before I talk about this week's show, I'd just like to say thank you so much for your comments. Although some are negative, they were mostly positive and encouraging. I never thought I'd do a reality show. It's very strange to be under a microscope, and I really appreciate the support. Please also remember: this was new to us. I hope you all can get to know our family for who we really are, as we got comfortable in this medium. (Side note: I was not in the movie Space Slugs -- that was someone named "Heather Dubow." I'm Heather Dubrow. Check out my IMDB.com page under Heather Paige Kent.)

My dinner with Terry, yes, I know I will get a lot of flak for that dinner, but I like things the way I like them. If you are at a restaurant and paying for a meal, it should be to your taste. However, always be kind to servers and even if you are picky (like me). Make sure you're extra kind so no one is offended!

As for Terry, he is a jokester and even though I do cook he likes to joke about it. . . It can still be annoying sometimes, but he means it to be funny. And for the record, I don't send my food back 90 percent of the time. . .only if it's undercooked, which is why I asked for the thin piece of fish. If it's thick it won't cook through! I mean seriously? Am I really explaining this?!?

Painting party. . .The ladies reactions to my invitation was hysterical. No one seemed to understand or be that excited by the prospect, but I knew they would enjoy it when they got there!