Heather Dubrow

Heather explains why she's giving up on having Alexis as a friend.

on Jul 17, 2012

Listen, life is short. Going around being annoyed with people and not speaking is so ridiculous. I was with Terry and the kids the other night at the circus. We were having an amazing time at the pre-show. As we were walking out I saw Alexis and Jim with their kids. My stomach turned. Completely awkward, and honestly, not a way I'd like to go through life.

If you saw the after show of WWHL last week when I was on I answered a lot of questions about what has transpired between me and Alexis.

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The part that struck me the most was that at the reunion when during lunch, I came in to offer her some Champs and we spoke. Then, when we were done (many, many grueling hours later) we spoke again. We had this great talk. Alexis then texted me an apology for her part in our troubles, and I texted her back something equally apologetic for the way things had gone down in Costa Rica. I was very hopeful that we could have another start. A few days later she made some nasty remarks about me and my restaurant and hinted that there were other things she had held back at the reunion.