Heather Dubrow

Heather explains how this party leads to a lot of this season's drama and explains her outfit (once again).

on Mar 6, 2012

I loved getting my outfit together for Bunco! Being the only brunette I thought it would be so fun to be a "Robert Palmer" girl! No one seemed to remember those videos at the party. . .but I liked my costume! Big thank you to my AMAZING assistant Natalie for helping me pull the look together! I would be lost without her !

The Bunco Party! I thought everyone looked great! Such creative costumes! (Even if I did have to explain mine a few times.) I thought the game was fun and going well -- till Tamra's friend Ricky mixed it up with the conversation about the improv. Mixing alcohol in an already combustible situation. . .NOT SMART.

The guys! OMG!!! The guys looked amazing!!! I can't believe they were willing to dress up!!! Terry was hilarious! For those of you who don't know, my husband's late brother was Kevin Dubrow, lead singer of Quiet Riot. Terry looked just like him at the Bunco party in his wig and crazy pants!

There is a lot of drama brewing at the party. Next week is going to be crazy. . .Stay tuned!

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