Tamra Barney

Tamra reflects on her favorite decade and all the drama from this episode.

on Mar 7, 2012

Being a wild child of the '80s I will hold that decade very close to my shoulder pads. I am not sure if it was the neon, the feathered hair, the Brat Pack, Jeff Spicoli, Pacman, Mr. Zog's sex wax, or Mr. Bill that made it so totally RAD? All I know is I will dress up in '80s clothes any chance I get.

I thought everyone look amazing and really put a lot of thought into their costumes. It was great seeing Heather all sexed up, since she is usually very conservative. Alexis was spot on Material Girl. Slade looked more like Joe Dirt, and Vicki did kind of have a Peg Bundy thing going on. Eddie still looked hot in his rocker attire and Terry made me laugh so hard. . .OMG

Watching Vicki made me sad. She was so overwhelmed, and I feel bad that maybe I wasn't there for her as much as I should have been. The emotions of going through a divorce and her daughter having surgery were too much for any woman to handle. I think when it comes to Vic she seems so strong all the time that you don't think she needs much help, but truth is I'm finding out she is much more sensitive then she seems. xoxo

Lunch with Heather was nice, I can't say enough wonderful things about her and Terry. Heather is a smart cookie and always gives me the best advice. I'm not sure what advice was better that day. . .push away the carbs or kill Slade with kindness?