Tamra Barney

Tamra discusses how lucky she is to be with a man like Eddie and to have made it through her divorce.

on May 16, 2012

We now live together as a family, and nothing makes me love him more than to see him and the kids running around the house being goofy. I know in my heart that I'm in such a good place, but at times I feel guilty for being so blessed. The past two and half years have been the most difficult and rewarding time in my life. Simon and I are in such a better place and its nice to see a smile on his face now. Please check out my recent interview to hear more about my life, divorce, Simon, fitness, business ventures, and beauty secrets.

Alexis' birthday party for her twins was a very cute idea. I agree with her and gave my kids their first big party at age four when they could enjoy it. BUT what the heck was up with that speech? I'm going to try and be nice here because I have more than voiced my opinion this season on things she has said or done.