The First 'Wives Club

Episode 17:'s Editor gets emotional about monkeys, rafts, delicate plants, and Vicki.

on Jun 5, 2012

The next morning, Alexis packs for her return, feeling anything but changed. Heather comes before the day begins in an attempt to apologize. Alexis is still hurt, but plans to do her best to enjoy the last few hours with the gals. Unfortunately the "five minute" ride is farther than they thought, and Alexis doesn't get a lot of time to hang. She does make time to thank Vicki for her room visit -- slighting Gretchen's appearance even further --and to briefly discuss with Gretchen the events of the eve prior.

This doesn't go well. Alexis can't understand the difference between how Heather spends her money and how Alexis does and sends up the defense.

Alexis wants to see the receipts for her "questionable behavior." Show her the receipts! And so, our Jesus Barbie leaves the island, surely with a bit of extra baggage.