The First 'Wives Club's Editor discusses Vicki's car games and Alexis' "intervention."

on May 29, 2012

Hi there monkey lovers, zipline enthusiasts, and Housewives aficionados. I'm assuming you loved this episode with all of your heart as much as I did. It had everything -- exotic locations, car games, in-fighting. Shall we do our best to hit the highpoints?

Excess Baggage
We open with the Dubrows sitting down for dinner with Tamra and Eddie. After some discussions of torso length and appetizers, Tamra goes ahead and puts confession on the menu -– by fessing up to throwing Dr. D under the bus in her fight with Alexis. Heather does her best to find the humor in her retort (she does have one of my favorite lines ever when she mentions that Tamra might need to control her inner monologue). After Tamra promises to back Heather her up in whatever blows this will surely come to, the ladies ponder an "intervention" for Alexis.

Yes, a phoniness intervention. Will this work? Has it ever been tried before? What is the protocol in a situation like this? I guess we’ll have to wait for Costa Rica to see. . .

After seeing the various ladies packing routines (and hearing the exact must-haves for a trip of this scope from Slade/the internet), the gang arrives at the airport. Once they scoop up Vicki from Florida, they make it to the jungle in the dead of the night. But even late in the evening, there is always time for cocktails, snacks, and gossip. The ladies assess Vicki's newfound lovey-dovey streak (and if makes her a hypocrite, considering to her past intolerance for mush) before the lady herself arrives. Talk turns to faux diamonds, Alexis leaving early, and eventually woo-hoos. Vicki's especially loopy, even for her, so this has all the makings of a great trip already. . .