Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki shares how hard this season has been -- and why she's so surprised by Tamra's turn.

on Jul 11, 2012

I told Tamra that I felt her friendship with Gretchen had a lot to do with it. . .and I still believe it. Gretchen obviously doesn't respect me or even like me, and although I wish we did have a good "working" relationship it's just not there.

When Tamra found out about Brooks past child support issues, it was a way for Gretchen to finally get her word out that I'm a HYPOCRITE and of course Tamra had to join in on that because she couldn't let Gretchen be alone in that fight. Personally, I thought she would have gone to bat for him, however she did the exact opposite what I thought she would do.

For a time, Eddie, Tamra, myself, and Brooks had a great relationship. We went to Mexico together to celebrate my birthday and Eddie's birthday months prior to the media exposing Brooks, and we told them our fears of introducing Brooks to the world. They both encouraged us and said we would show everyone our new boyfriends and to show how happy we both were. We spent many weekends together. Never once did Tamra even talk to me about her concerns of Brooks -- until months later. When I told her that I would never do anything to hurt her or Eddie, I wouldn't. There are many things that have not been disclosed about Eddie (or Tamra for that matter) and as a friend I would never want to deliberately hurt them or their relationship by disclosing anything negative about them. We were completely honest with them, as we trusted them with our relationship. I guess we were wrong. Where I come from, a true friend supports whatever decision one makes, unless it is life, financially or emotionally threatening. NONE of these are the case with Brooks or I.