Alexis Bellino

Alexis comments on Briana's feelings on Brooks and wonders why Heather is still talking about her wedding ring.

on Apr 16, 2013

I wanted to preface this blog by saying it's hard to think about anything else when there are so many people in Boston suffering right now. My thoughts and prayers go out to them all. I love what President Obama said, "On days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats. We are all Americans, united in concern for our fellow Americans."  I pray God wraps his arms around all the victims and their families right now.

Although it's difficult to do, I'm going to move on to happier thoughts. . .

Happy eight-year anniversary to my gorgeous husband, Jim Bellino! We are not celebrating until the end of the month, but I had to open my blog with that because he is my best friend, my love, and my boo-boo. (Do NOT tell him I called him that! HAHA!) He makes my dark days bright, he is the best father to my children I could have asked for and he loves me for who I am. Oh, and HALLELUJAH. . .we made it past the 7 year itch!!! LOL!

I love it when episodes start off positive! You finally get to meet baby Troy. How freaking cute is that baby? I just couldn’t quit smelling his little head the entire visit! Briana is such a good mommy! It brought tears to my eyes to see her and Troy together. I love when moms finally get to feel what everyone always says, "that there is no love like the love you have for your child."

On that note, I am truly having baby fever. The only problem is that I can't figure out a way to get Jim on board for Bambino Number 4 (and I kind of need him for this...). If anyone has any advice please share it with me! For the first time in our eight year marriage, our age difference is actually becoming an issue. I am 36 years old, and my clock is ticking, and Jim is 50 years old and his kitchen is closed! I told him that he needs to buck up and deliver because it's his fault he chose a younger wifey! Ha, unfortunately, that didn't work. HELP ME!!!