Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses her fertility plans, her Rolls Royce, Lydia's mom, and Tamara's revealing speech.

on May 29, 2013

Also I am beyond proud of the fact that I can pay for what I want and that I don't have to have a man doing it for me! That was my whole goal when I started my Gretchen Christine companies; I wanted to always be self sufficient and with Slade's support, I have accomplished just that!

Although a tough decision, I ultimately decided that car wasn't practical for running around town, going to work meetings, and to LA as often as I do. However something great did come out of the whole experience; Rolls Royce Newport Beach asked me to design a Limited Edition Gretchen Christine Ghost

I was beyond honored and excited! Since I love design and I love beautiful elegant cars like this, the whole process was a thrill for me. Needless to say I am very excited for when it comes in! Who would have ever guessed I would be adding "car designer" to my resume! We will be having a special event with Rolls Royce of Newport Beach to celebrate the launch of the Ghost "Gretchen Christine Edition" later this summer!

Now on to the Hot in Cleveland taping; First of all, I was so happy for Heather and this great opportunity! Even though I myself was taping that afternoon hosting a special segment for The Doctors and on top of that, I was scheduled to leave that night for work in Miami, it was important to me to show Heather support, so I decided to change my flight out of LA for the next A.M. so I could be there.

We also let Heather and Terry know that I had a prior obligation that day to host for The Doctors and would get there as quickly as possible after we wrapped taping. So everyone was aware we could be running a little late. Unfortunately my taping went over (like a lot of production does) and, honestly, I would think she would get that being in the business. By the time I was done, it was rush hour traffic and it took a long time to get across town.

However it's not like we just went MIA, we were texting with Terry the entire time and giving him a play by play of where we were at and what our estimated time of arrival was. Looking back, I guess I didn't even realize I needed to apologize because I felt like we had told them up front we could be behind, and then kept texting Terry with updates the whole time.

Since Slade and I talk about everything, I assumed Terry would tell Heather we were in constant communication and rushing to make it to set as quickly as possible, but I guess I was wrong. I certainly did not mean to hurt her feelings in anyway and if she needed an apology, I would of been happy to do so. I just didn't even know I had upset her till later.