Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen responds to her and Slade's critics and wonders why Alexis lets Lydia speak so freely.

on May 7, 2013

I made sure he was eating, tried to get him to sleep, and to take care of himself. I tried to spend as much time as I could with Slade in New York while he was there, but I had to keep traveling back and forth for work and to hold the fort down at home. Thankfully Playlist 92.7 was so wonderful and allowed Slade to take a month off so he could be with his boy. However after that month, they needed him to come back to his job or they were going to have to replace him, which created a lot of stress for Slade as well. He was so excited about his new job and the thought of losing it was so hard on him, not to mention that having this job was helping with the medical bills and support for Gray that was once again mounting up to millions due to his stay in the ICU. The sad part about a situation like this is that when a family member gets sick, the rest of the world does not stop. It doesn't say, "Oh no problem. Come back to work when the illness is gone." And the bills don't go away or stop coming. Life seems to continue on, as you are torn apart trying to figure out how to manage it all.

So many families are put in this horrible circumstance of having to continue on with life, all the while trying to spend every minute with their loved one in the hospital. It is truly a living hell on earth and I would not wish this on my worst enemy. This is why our charity work with the Beckstrand Cancer Association ( is so near and dear to our hearts and why we continue to raise money for them every chance we get. This great charity helps families with the daily costs of living, because they know the stress it puts on the family to just work enough to still pay the mortgage, the insurance, the car payments etc. It's a very tough thing to experience, and as a parent all you want to do is spend every minute with your sick child. But unfortunately work still has to be done to keep a roof over your head or pay for the grossly large medical bills.

Now since we are on this subject I would like everyone that has had a negative thing to say on social media sites about this scene with Slade on I on the couch to listen up here. Normally I don't get bothered about all the ridiculous chatter out there -- but when a few tweets were so off-base about this subject I knew I needed to address it here. First of all let's be clear about something, Slade and I had been seriously discussing babies before Grayson's surgery and we had taken the first few steps to make that a reality for us. When this happened with Gray we could have never imagined that it would take a turn for the worst, and because of that I immediately put my desires to start a family on the backburner. When Slade returned home from New York for a few days, HE is the one that brought up that I had stopped talking about the baby stuff, and that he didn't want me to be doing that. Once he brought up the subject I decided to allow myself to talk openly with him about why I had stopped talking about it and expressed my sadness in this whole s----y situation. I am the one that said, "I would feel selfish bringing up the baby stuff to you during this very trying time."