Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen wishes she had kept her mouth about Vicki's surgery and thanks the fans for going on anther RHOC journey.

Apr 8, 2013

To all the amazing fans! It's great to be back and I can't believe it is Season 8 already! I hope you guys enjoy the journey I went on for Season 8, and I appreciate you guys allowing us in your living room every week.

It was wonderful to see Briana having her baby! What a wonderful gift and blessing from God. I'm so happy for her and Ryan. It's fun to see one of us become a grandmother as well. This show is definitely full circle.

It was a transition having Slade move from working out of the home to now working outside the home, five days a week for his new Radio Show: "Radio Slade." However, I, of course, was beyond excited for him and this great new opportunity! This radio opportunity came because of his comedy show; they were looking for a comedian that could host, entertain, and talk about pop culture. His show became the highest rated hour within just the first couple of weeks, which was super exciting. For more info go to

And, for all those making fun of me not being able to make coffee, I agree! I'm a dork, but the truth is I know how to make it, it had just been a while since I had done it and I forgot exactly how the machine worked. Slade always makes me the perfect cup so I wanted to do it the way he does it, and I also think I just missed him so I wanted an excuse to call him. LOL!