Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen explains why Vicki's indiscretions are so upsetting and what she thought of Tamra's bachelorette weekend.

on Jun 13, 2013

Hi guys! Sorry I didn't get to blog last week, I've been so busy with work, and I’m super excited because we recently acquired new Gretchen Christine offices with fulfillment and much needed warehouse space. So we have been crazy with moving and getting everything up and running! So exciting, but lots of work and its keeping me crazed!

I feel like I have so much to cover on these last two episodes, so forgive me in advance for my very long blog! I am a writer and if you don't like to read long blogs then please just don't read mine. My blogs are for all the people that like to hear my behind-the-scenes thoughts and emotions. It's for those people who can appreciate me sharing my emotions and my vulnerability. You know how the old saying "there's much more to the story"? Well, please consider my blog a place for you to get the "much more." For me it's also a therapeutic way to deal with the crazy that often happens on this show.

Let's start with the whole Lauri thing! Whoa! First of all, as many of you can imagine I was beyond flabbergasted when Lauri was telling me about all of Vicki's extracurricular activities while being married to Donn. I had so many mixed emotions. I was confused, hurt, angry, and frustrated with this confirmation from such a close friend and confident of Vicki's. The truth is I have heard about Vicki’s extramarital affairs around town for years, but I refused to address it with her because:

1. I really didn't care because it didn't affect my life.
2. It was none of my business.
3. I refused to do to her what she did to me.