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No Woman in Mexico Left Behind

Heather can't believe the girls left her behind in Mexico or that Lauri would say all those things about Vicki.

Welcome back! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Swimsuit shopping with Gretchen: I wanted to get a swimsuit made for Tamra with "Mrs. Judge" blinged out on the tush. Gretchen offered to bring me to her partner who she was about to collaborate with on a swimsuit line.

Understanding that Gretchen is a bikini girl, I absolutely deferred to her on many elements of the suit. But at the end of the day -- this was my gift to Tamra (Gretchen was planning on blinging out a Juicy sweatsuit for Tamra) and I wanted it the way I wanted it. Thankfully, we got it handled and I think Tamra really liked the finished product!

Gretchen and Lauri at the stables: This scene with Gretchen and Lauri was very distasteful to me. What is the point of Lauri telling all of these things to Gretchen about Vicki? I found it so base and so hurtful.

Why does she hate her so much? Lauri said she was mad at Vicki for sharing info about her husbands family, yet she felt totally comfortable spreading awful stories about Vicki on national television. I've met Lauri and I thought she was really sweet and nice. I wouldn't have expected this type of behavior from her, and I wonder what the goal was here.

Packing for Mexico: Yikes! Why did I think it was a good idea to be on camera with no makeup on?!?!!

Mexico! I threw a beautiful bridal shower for Tamra that you might see in the "Secrets Revealed" episode later in the season. It was a lovely event and quite frankly more up my alley than a bachelorette weekend. Not that I'm against them, I had just never been on one. I think I'm more of a spa day and dinner party gal!

When Gretchen was putting the Mexico trip together she asked me for a restaurant reservation because my parents have had a place in Puerto Vallarta for over 15 years and we have spent a lot of time there.

We got in to Mexico very late and our hotel was over an hour outside of town. We didn't get to dinner till almost 10 pm and everyone was pretty exhausted. It was a long day. However the dinner was less awkward than it looked.

I would have been happy to go out and do whatever Tamra wanted after dinner, but Tamra had told me that she wanted an earlier night the first night. She wanted to go home because we had a huge day the next day and the actual "bachelorette" party was the following evening.

No matter what you thought of the restaurant I picked -- I was there to celebrate Tamra. No matter how uncomfortable I was with all of the phallic paraphernalia, I laughed and participated. So, you can imagine I was shocked that the girls ditched Gretchen and me the moment we went to the bathroom. So absolutely uncool. I would never do that to someone. Also, I never received a text or voicemail from any of them and I was desperately trying to reach them. I know Vicki was talking about Andale's bar, but Gretchen and I had no idea where that was or how far and I was not walking around Puerto Vallarta trying to guess where they ended up.

NO (WO)MAN LEFT BEHIND. You don't leave people in your group. Especially in a foreign country. We couldn't leave them without a ride home. I would be too worried how they were getting home. So, yes, even though Tamra, Vicki, and Lydia left me in the lurch, I was still thinking about them! Gretchen and I had to take a taxi home - also not safe in my opinion.

You will have to stay tuned and see what happens next week. It's pretty crazy. . .I'm still in shock over certain things. You'll have to see it to believe it! (Don't worry though, no donkey!)

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