Tamra Barney

Tamra can't understand why Gretchen didn't want to go dress shopping or why Lauri chose to tell Vicki about Brooks then either.

on Jul 2, 2013

When I told Gretchen that Alexis was invited she instantly was pissed and said she didn't want to go. She pleaded her case to me and I listened. I thought, "You know what Gretchen is right and Alexis should not be at my special day." I told her that I would tell Alexis that she could not go so I could have Her there.

After sitting on it for a few days I started thinking. Wait, this is MY day NOT Gretchen's and why am I letting her tell me who I could invite?

After all, I had made up with Alexis and was trying to move forward. Heather had made up with Alexis too, so if there was going to be any fighting it would be between Gretchen and Alexis -- and Gretchen had told me she didn't want any of that. Gretchen had no problem being around Alexis at the salsa party and even hugged Alexis goodbye. This was so confusing to me.

So after Gretchen realized I was not going to rescind the offer to Alexis she sent me a text (Plan 2) telling me that she was offered a role in the new Reba McEntire show. She called it Big Country (she didn't even have the correct name) and would be filming all day Friday, the day we were at Mark Zinino's store.