Shannon Beador

Shannon clears the air about her "delivery and tone" when she responds to her husband's dry sense of humor.

on Apr 29

Another uncomfortable week sprinkled with bits of fun!

I am having a difficult time with the fact that you are only seeing a small snip of my life! I talked a little bit last week about the sarcastic banter that my husband and I have with each other, and you all were fortunate enough to be able to witness more of it this week! (That was sarcastic, by the way...)

David has a very dry sense of humor. He will say something sarcastic to me and I will respond in an irritated way --that's how we typically act, especially around our friends. They laugh when they hear it because they know us. The other Housewives, however, feel awkward and I am sorry for that. I can understand why they feel that way as I watch the episode.

Let's begin the dissection... Ah, the dinner party. Dinner is finally served tonight and everyone seems to like the food! It makes me feel good! To clarify, though, I do cook every night. If there is a meat that we are cooking on the grill, then David takes over that task. He thinks he cooks the meat portion of the meal the best, and he is probably right! Most nights when he is not working late, he cooks the meat and I make the rest of the meal. It is the time of day that we always spend together and something I really look forward to.

David references his dry sense of humor at the dinner table, and you are able to see my typical response. When David and I got married, I was so excited about becoming partners in life. I did want to get involved with his business is some way so that we would function in that capacity as a team. He did not want any part of that. As we enter into our 14th year of marriage, I understand where he was coming from. It has just been a running joke between us since we have been married. Both David and I are able to see how our banter may make people uncomfortable and it is something that we have been working on. It is important to both of us for people to see that we love each other!