Shannon Beador

Shannon shares the take-aways of her trip -- how her marriage improved, knowing when to drink straight from the bottle, and how to deal with rose petals.

on May 5

Tonight I get a break from the ladies and you see more of my home life -- actually my life AWAY with my husband! Yeah!

I was so thrilled that David planned an overnight trip to the St. Regis. He was so thoughtful to have made the arrangements and then surprise me with it! I am happy that you are able to see a more playful side to our relationship this week. David is very funny and makes me laugh a lot -- I was literally hysterically laughing the entire time we were away!

David likes to tease me, especially in front of other people. I thought it was hilarious when he joked in front of the bellman about "my" snoring and "getting into bed." Whenever we travel (with the kids), he loves to put on the robes that the hotel provides. It was really sweet that he suggested it when we were alone! It's just the presentation and tone when he suggests it -- cracks me up!

I have heard a lot of backlash from viewers saying that I am constantly nagging and complaining to my husband. You are definitely seeing that on camera and it isn't right. I would like to say, however, that the cameras were not rolling six-plus years ago when I began asking to go away for one night or to at least have date nights. I absolutely became bitter and resented David for not making an effort, and I have admitted each week that my approach was not the right one; I clearly have been pushing him in the opposite direction. He works so hard and instead of affirming and appreciating all that he has done for our family, I have only been focusing on myself. I know I am not the only one out there who has experienced a lack of intimacy in their marriage after 13 years. If you are, take my advice and don't nag -- it doesn't work.