Tamra Barney

Tamra apologies to Alexis in the wake of feeling confronted in Bali and tries to analyze the ladies' "take down."

on Aug 11

I would have to say that overall Bali was a wonderful experience, and I'm trying to find the positive takeaway of what happened at that last dinner. After months of thinking about it and now
seeing what actually went down while Heather and I were at the rice fields, this is what I came up with.

Heather is an amazing friend. I will always cherish our friendship and never forget how she stood up for me. Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies. . .You will understand what I mean after you watch the next few episodes.

Look, I am not trying to paint myself as innocent or as the victim at all. I know I throw out a lot of shade and I have NO problem admitting it. What I do have a problem with is being accused of things I never said. I did not say 95 percent of what I was accused of saying -- and what I did say was twisted and taken out of context. Obviously Lizzie had a plan to try and turn everyone against me. Not to mention there is no RECORD of me saying most of the things they accused me of saying. Hmmmm, very interesting!

For the life of me I have no idea why Lizzie has such a problem with me. I was always so nice to her. One thing that comes to mind is maybe she is used to being the center of attention? So, when things don't go her way she tries to destroy me and even threatens to destroy her own marriage. She can not handle NOT being the princess of O.C., and she will fight for the RHOC crown. Good luck girl I am not giving that up without a fight.

As soon as I did not show up to her birthday, Lizzie changed towards me. It's like she wants me to pay because her birthday sucked. Lizzie is the worst kind of person in my eyes. She is a manipulative person who can lie straight to your face without any remorse. My God, she was sitting in front of six people when she said what she said about Eddie and still she will not own up to it or apologize. Even Heather said "Lizzie I love you but that's not what happened." For example, when she sat there and told me I did not text her or call her about her birthday and Vicki read our entire conversation off my phone to her and she couldn't admit she was lying. I personally felt horrible when I told Shannon I didn't tell Heather about the email and called her immediately to let her know. I was up all night beating myself up and didn't feel good until I had dinner with her.

I invited everyone to go on a bike ride, and last minute they decided that they wanted to stay back and hang out at the spa and pool. . . Hmmmm wonder why?

I thought it was very interesting that the last thing Vicki said to Heather and I was "don't talk about us and we won't talk about you." Heather and I had such a great time at the rice fields, and not once did we bring up the other girls. In fact we felt bad because we were so late getting back.