Meghan King Edmonds' Daughter Aspen Has Some *Very* Quirky Food Tastes

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum documented her daughter's curious cravings. 

Based on her favorite toy, we wouldn't be surprised if Meghan King Edmonds' daughter Aspen grows up to be a Top Chef winner. As her proud mom has documented on Instagram, the one-year-old cutie has a serious fascination with the refrigerator. And, she often ransacks its shelves to pull out the most interesting ingredients she can find. 

Luckily, Meghan was on hand to document some of her daughter's most recent findings. One classic that Aspen returns to the kitchen for again and again: ice cubes. The infant delights in pulling open the freezer door to pull out ice, and her mom provided a caption that filled fans in on Aspen's other favorite food: toilet paper. (So avant garde!) 

The little one also grabbed some TV snacks to take with her into the living room. "She's going to regret this refrigerator find," Meghan wrote, to caption a photo of Aspen getting ready to take a bite out of an onion. The little scavenger also pulled out a sweet potato. Perhaps she's dreaming up a fresh take on winter stew? 

There's no doubt about it: This rising culinary star has quite a sophisticated, adventurous palate. And if icy sweet-potato-onion sorbet garnished with a curl of T.P. ever becomes a thing ... just remember that you heard it here first. 

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