Team Top Chef

The chefs are surprised by Restaurant Wars in the Masters season premiere.

Apr 6, 2011

It seemed to be a toss-up between Mary Sue's chocolate cupcake and Hugh Acheson's scallop for the loss. In the end, Hugh Acheson went home, and he understood why. He went out with grace and some of the greatest eyebrows that have ever graced the Top Chef kitchen, so he's still #winning. As James expressed, I too would have liked to see him cook more.

From the looks of the season preview, all of our chefs won't remain "white swans," which should make for an interesting season! Tell me: What did you think of the season premiere? Who are you rooting for? And where have you been eating?!

Until next week, Have a Nosh!

P.S. Does John Rivera Sedlar look like a cross between Tony Montuano and
Season 2's Otto Borsich, or am I losing my mind? Either way, hope he
doesn't work with lychees ;)

P.P.S. Christina Hendricks! Maroon 5!! Sami!!! Alison Sweeney!!!