Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson explains why the mentor challenge was so important.

on Sep 19, 20120

Lorena is packing those knives. She really rocked it out this season, made a friend in Art, and somehow managed to sign a contract in fast food that would make most people very jealous. She leaves having raised a great amount of money for a great charity and she also leaves with a big smile and a ton of class. No matter my banter, that chef is a Venezuelan tornado of goodness. May she continue to succeed.

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I'm with you, Hugh, I loved this elimination challenge.  It was so interesting to see the chefs' different mentoring styles.  While watching, I really thought Kerry was doing the "in it for myself" thing, but in the end, he did win.  And his students seemed to feel like they really learned a great deal.  So I revised my opinion.  I really admired Chris' style, though, and would have liked him to be my mentor.  He really took the teaching element seriously.  Lorena did very well, too.

  She seemed very patient with her students and seemed to enjoy teaching.


Loved the quickfire, too.  So fun to see the critics as the "mystery cookers."  One of the most enjoyable episodes this season!