Apply for This "Ginternship," Get Paid to Travel the World and Drink

The only coffee you'll be fetching is your own hangover remedy.

A "ginternship" is exactly what it sounds like — a magical work experience that is both paid and laden with huge amounts of gin. And yes, such a job actually exists.

Monthly gin and tonic club is offering such an arrangement that also includes traveling all around the globe tasting gins and reporting back to the official HQ. Talk about living the dream!

The job ad reads, "We’re looking for an enthusiastic gin-loving intern (‘Gintern’ as we like it call it) who will be happy to spend their days trying new gins, new mixers, finding new brands to work with, visiting distilleries, pairing gins, and 'ginspiring' us with their new-found knowledge. The gintern will get to travel around the U.K. and parts of Europe discovering new gins to work with and of course sampling them! The role is flexible so you can work from home but you will need to travel, one day you might be up in Edinburgh tasting a new craft gin, the next going to a launch event in London for a new tonic water."

If you're already knee-deep in gin enthusiasm, this is likely welcome news, but even those with modest knowledge of the gin and tonic lifestyle are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate is apparently someone who already lives or is willing to live in the U.K., is able to effectively set their own hours (read: wear comfy pants and wake up late!), loves to travel, and is interested in a near endless supply of gin and tonics. And yes, your spoken and written English skills must be spot-on, even when slurred.

In addition to the obvious perks, you will earn a "competitive intern salary." It remains to be seen whether that income would allow you to keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind, but you'd definitely be laid back, sipping on gin and juice, and gainfully employed like other famous members of the gin-drinking community.

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Good luck and godspeed, would-be candidates. Cheers to finally making sense of your liberal arts degree!

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