Barton G.

Miami chef and restauranteur Barton G. weighs in on Top Chef.

on Aug 24, 2007


When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. So much for my prediction about Tre being one of the last chefs standing. It was a prediction I stood by last week despite his flustered performance during Restaurant Wars I. I put it down to having a bad night, thinking Tre would settle into his executive chef role for Restaurant April with the authoritative elan he normally exudes. Settle he did, right into elimination by being too relaxed about what was going on in his kitchen and even more importantly about what was going out of it. Given the brouhaha over smoked potatoes, the one big lesson from Restaurant April's preview for Tre should have been "don't send a dish out you know isn't right." He admitted the pesto was too strong on the salmon, and yet out it went to engender some of the strongest criticism from any set of judges since I've been watching. And it didn't seem as if he were involved in CJ's and Casey's efforts. Perhaps their dishes would have faired better with the judges had they had the benefit of more direction from Tre.