Can You Guess the Best American City for Coffee Lovers — and Where a Cup Is Most Expensive?

Hint: It's not what you think.

If you’re reading this with one hand clutched around a steaming mug or a cardboard cup sleeve, you may already know that National Coffee Day is September 29. 

In recognition of the occasion, personal finance website WalletHub investigated the current best cities for coffee lovers in America, taking into consideration metrics like number of coffee shops and cafés per capita, and average price of coffee.

And can you guess which American city beat out the rest as the top mecca for caffeine addicts? Well, it might not surprise you to learn that city is in the Pacific Northwest... though it is not Seattle, where Starbucks is headquartered. It’s Portland!

Seattle came in at No. 2. And Minneapolis rounded out the top three — Prince would be so very proud.

As well, the research showed Louisville, Kentucky had the lowest average price for a cappuccino at $2.83. That’s merely pocket change in comparison to the city with the highest-cost cap: Honolulu at $4.69. But there, you get to be in Hawaii while you’re drinking it.

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