Why Is Jamie Oliver Facing a Lawsuit? What You Need to Know About the Latest Chef Scandal

If you have food allergies... beware.

When it comes to food allergens and food sensitivities, chefs and restaurants have a pretty major responsibility: Screw something up and you run the risk of causing serious harm to someone who can't take what you dished out.

And that's the very reason why chef Jamie Oliver is currently facing a lawsuit: He's being sued because gluten-free labeling on some of his recipes are alleged to be false claims, according to TMZ.

The nonprofit group Gluten Intolerance Group of North America is suing the chef for the "GF" symbol he has used on some of his recipes. The group claims the label is actually its own official seal, which means he ripped them off when he used it. And, they say, doing that creates a misleading image that his products are certified gluten free.

While the lawsuit is not suggesting there is gluten in Oliver’s recipes, it does accuse that the recipes certified as gluten free did not actually go through the certification process. So it doesn't mean that anyone has been put in danger, necessarily. Instead, it's all about messaging. Still, those with serious gluten allergies will want to pay the issue heed.

Jamie is hardly the only chef who's encountered drama in the biz: Here, we recap the biggest celebrity chef scandals of all time. (Grab the popcorn.)

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