Does Your State Slay the Barbecue Game? Here's What Cookouts Look Like Across the U.S.

Yes, these trending foods do prove some stereotypes. 

It's Friday before the Independence Day holiday weekend — if you're at work reading this, let's not pretend you're doing anything other than dreaming of weekend barbecues, parties, and plans. (Also, why are you still at work? Times like this are what laptops are for.)

So let us indulge you. Thanks to intel from Pinterest, we're here to bring you the top burgers and boozy beverages folks will be enjoying across the country this weekend, by region, according to trending pins.

1.  West Coast

No real shocker here, the West Coast is loading up on veggies and non-beef meats like the popular chicken and avocado burger, which is up 50 percent in popularity on the social sharing site. Californians in particular love their tequila too: Grapefruit Paloma anyone? That drink is up 15 percent on Pinterest.

2.  The South

Unlike Californians who will accept "burgers" made of kale and quinoa, Southerners love their meat. Pinterest reveals a favorite to be the "Filthy Burger," a triple-decker beef, pork, and bacon beast that might reasonably be washed down by a Whiskey Smash in the South.

3.  East Coast

Let it not be said that East Coasters aren't a classic bunch. The most traditional of any region according to their barbecue tastes, East Coasters are pinning bacon cheeseburgers up an astounding 370 percent recently — and this group is also down to put an egg on top. Hard cider is a favorite, especially among folks in Vermont, where pins for that beverage have increased 85 percent recently.

4.  Midwest

Midwesterners, bless your hearts: You're all about condiments, and love getting creative with your cocktails. The ranch burger with special sauce and a lemonade rum beertail, is up 62 percent on Pinterest.

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