Stephanie Izard

Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard breaks down the Season 5 finale course by ourse.

on Feb 25, 2009

Before I get going I wanted to give a quick-shout out. I was down in South Beach this past weekend and was lucky enough to have a couple of meals at the Ritz where Jeff is the chef.  The food was delicious, especially the crispy oysters that got him so close to a second chance in the finals. Wish him the best and recommend you go enjoy some snacks and sangria at his place on the beach.

I, of course, had to leave the beach eventually and am back in Chicago getting ready to watch the big finale. I hope that whomever tonight’s winner is did as I did and kept the outcome to themselves (for the most part) and gets to enjoy the priceless moment when he or she can share the win with family and friends. That is when it finally starts to sink in and fun begins.

Nice little twist this year with some of our favorite past contestants coming back to help out the final three. A three-course meal does not seem that difficult, but with the pressure of the finals everything is a bit harder.  Plus having Tom tell you that use can use any ingredients you want almost makes it more difficult than having guidelines; way too many ideas start to flood your mind.

Drama already between Hosea and Stefan of course. They have not exactly been friends this season and I guess boys will be boys, so it is sure to be an interesting fight to the finish.