Stephanie Izard

You asked. She answered. Stephanie Izard discloses her top three picks!

on Dec 11, 2008

The "borrowed" team seemed to be headed up by Jamie. Though Ariane has proven to be gaining confidence, she still takes a bit of a back seat in the team challenge. Radhika also is a bit quiet and is still concerned about being seen as someone who only knows Indian cuisine. The truth is that she did grow up in a household where Indian food was the staple and I think she should embrace this. Of course she can and should branch out into other areas but when she focuses on Indian flavors she does very well. The entire group of women seem very pleased with this dish. Just from watching their reaction I could taste the bright flavors working well together to create a very harmonious dish.

On to the "blue" team. This does seem to be a tricky one seeing as, as Tom pointed out, there are no blue foods. I guess going into the deep blue ocean was the way to go. It seemed to me that the dish just lacked any creativity and love. A piece of fish over some chard with a corn puree is just not going to impress. The chefs had two and a half hours to prep the dish and I just can not imagine what they were doing this whole time. At the end of the day the fish was cooked properly and the dish tasted fine, but it just did not show any real thought or effort.

The "borrowed" team took the prize as the best dish of the day. The flavors worked well together, the lamb was cooked perfectly and the idea behind the dish showed that there was thought put into it. I will say that I was as shocked as Jamie was that Ariane was given this win. I would hope that any of the chefs could cook a lamb rack properly. I know that proper cooking technique is the biggest factor to Tom and I agree that it is key, but Jamie should have been given praise for her creativity and leadership.