Stephanie Izard

You asked. She answered. Stephanie Izard discloses her top three picks!

on Dec 11, 2008

As for the bad news, the "new" team was clearly on the bottom. Though the 'blue" team lacked creativity, they at least put out an edible dish. The "sushi" dish was composed of many faulted components and in general just too many components. No one wants to look at a plate of food and be confused as to how they should eat it. It seemed that Tom was most shocked and concerned at the fact that Daniel could not see that the dish was a failure. It is good to stand by your dish at certain times, but when it is so clearly faulted a good chef must admit their mistakes and learn from them. Carla and Eugene were given a chance to do so.

I am getting excited to see where this all goes. Many people have been asking me who I think will win this season. I still have my top three picks of Fabio, Stefan, and Jamie but the race for fourth is pretty in the air. Plus you never really know as one mistake is all it takes.