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Tom Colicchio Answers Your Restaurant Wars Qs

Tom responds to your pressing questions about Season 12's Restaurant Wars episode.

@nikkisee: @BravoTopChef @tomcolicchio how did you feel about the family style approach that four pigs took for #restaurantwars?
Tom Colicchio: I loved it. My restaurant Craft is built around this style of service.




@alissa_cobb: @BravoTopChef @tomcolicchio Adam sure did make the FOH his "b" in #restaurantwars What is the most important quality FOH leaders need IYO?

TC: An inherent desire to make their guests happy.


‏@LauraRHONC: @BravoTopChef @Bravotv @tomcolicchio If able 2see footage of #RestaurantWars chefs before choosing a winner would it change UR mind? #AskTom
TC: Possibly, but we don’t get to see any of that footage. Part of the challenge is for the chefs to articulate their concepts to us in a sensible fashion.


@VanessaHardee: @BravoTopChef @tomcolicchio Can you explain, briefly, how should the ticket/expedite system work?

TC: It's a surprisingly complex system that a brief answer wouldn't do justice. . .


Judy Massey via Facebook: Why did no one mention the too salty scallops at Four Pigs? And what do you do with diners' comments? (My daughter and l were diners.)

TC: Unfortunately we can't fit every comment we receive into an episode due to the editing process (which is likely why the salty scallops weren't discussed).