Tom Colicchio Reveals Why He's No Sriracha Fan & Dishes on His Fave Top Chef Guest Judge (Surprise!)

It's getting hot in here.

As he geared up for Top Chef's Season 14 premiere, lead judge Tom Colicchio sat down for a scorching interview with First We Feast's "Hot Ones" video series. In the video Colicchio is literally on fire, or at least his mouth is, as he dishes hilariously on everything from the time Padma Lakshmi roasted him, to his close call with the Sex and the City cast—all while eating chicken wings topped with a progressively spicier lineup of hot sauces.

The 17-minute interview covers a lot of ground, kicking off with a series of quick-fire "Would You Rather" questions. Would you rather get an extra Michelin star or an extra New York Times star? You can probably guess how the die-hard New York City chef answers that one. Another Emmy or another James Beard award? Simple: Another Beard all the way! Colicchio also talks about why solving the hunger issue in America is much easier than it seems, and what he's doing about it—with Michelle Obama's help. 

And since this is a hot-sauce-centric video series, naturally Colicchio offers his comments on the flavor, quality and burn level of the bottles interviewer Sean Evans presents to him—and hangs in there all the way up to the punishingly high 550,000-scoville level Mega Death sauce. How did Sriracha fare in the line-up? Turns out Colicchio is not a fan of the ubiquitous rooster sauce. Find out why in the video. And speaking of hot, Colicchio also reveals his favorite Top Chef guest judge of all time. Check it out below, and catch Top Chef Season 14 on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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