Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson makes the case for throwing a curve ball.

on Dec 5, 2012

Stefan wakes up and he’s feeling older. Not wiser and sharper, just older. There’s a crick in his neck and he’s all mad about those pesky kids in his yard again. Stefan is having his birthday and thinks it’s a cursed one. He still wants you to pay attention to him; he wants that a lot, but he also feels like you should not be sentimental about it. 

The Quickfire is led by Daisley Gordon, a very nice chef who wants breakfast on a stick. They are at Pike Place Market and Padma is admonishing everyone who recognizes her, like it’s a matter of national security. Pike Place is a wonderfully busy market known for great food and that fish-tossing thing.  

John and Josh get paired up because they don’t want to be paired up together. Karma-rific. This on-a-stick thing is a curve ball, but should be challenging…. Before you jump on that “They make great chefs do silly things” bandwagon please realize, a) I don’t write these ideas, and b) You gotta throw curve balls now and again. It keeps the batters on their toes. Me, I just do what I am told. 

Lots of wrestling for panini presses that look like they would last about a minute in a commercial kitchen. Strategy is key here and there will be no tears over spilt milk. But there is spilt milk. Brooke knows Stefan and is patient with his birthday boy self. The Bart Knight runs funny. Wheee. The Belgian strength is in things like judo and tennis, and definitely not regal running. 

Eliza is a Spreadhead. I did not see this coming. Widespread Panic are from my town, and their fan base is referred to as Spreadheads. Don’t say you never learned anything reading these missives. She sold vegan sushi (Grassy Roll, LLC) in the parking lots next to that Seitan’s Little Goulash stand. 

Tesar is being very agreeable and wants this tenuous union to be for the best. Jimmy Sears may have a short fuse but he’s not about to implode because of a bad partnership. He’s in this to win it. 

Bart is falling down, but will thank you when he falls... every episode Bart becomes more like Monty Python’s Black Knight. “Alright, we’ll call it a draw.” I have no doubt Bart can cook -- we’ve seen him excel, but he is the most affably goofy chef on the planet. I think he’s great.