Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson shares tales of his time in Juneau, Alaska.

on Feb 7, 2013

To the food!

Brooke: Sockeye Salmon & Broth, Mustard Seed Caviar, Grilled Dill Sourdough. 

Very advanced campfire cooking. Really nice. The mustard seed melted down to a mucky mess, but the flavors were great. The bread was good. 

Sheldon: Green Tea Chive Sourdough, Smoked Salmon and Pea Soup

Strangely thick but good flavor. Best catfood fish ever. No joke, if everyone is dissing chum, then Sheldon should be the new chum spokesperson for human consumption. The bread was really weird with instant green tea in it. The locals are really against this chum thing. 

Josh: Garlic Sourdough Soup, Sockeye Salmon, White Beans, Black Olive Croutons

He nailed the salmon, but the soup was powerful. Salmon is a bit delicate, so if you hit it with the garlic hammer you can drown those nuanced flavors. 

Lizzie: Citrus & Beet Glazed Salmon Slider, Poppyseed Butter, Pickled Cucumber

Her bread was great. Best bread of the night. But before using it in a great dish, she makes a salmon sandwich with a pickle. It was so basic. Very strange strategy.