Team Top Chef

The pork-loving ginger competes in Alaska while his wife gives birth back in Oklahoma.

on Feb 12, 2013

Hello my little, torchons! This is an exciting time in the season. All the Save a Chef votes are in, this week's Last Chance Kitchen episode is the digital series' season finale, and after this week's episode, there are only two episodes left before we crown our tenth Top Chef! Ahhh! Kristen knocked out Lizzie in last week's episode, continuing her winning streak. Now, only two chefs stand in her way of making it to the finale.

We're down to two men and a lady... with another lady on the way; Josh's wife is a week overdue. Oy! 

The chefs get a note from Padma and head to Eaglecrest, where they're greeted by a helicopter. Brooke starts crying because she hates heights, enclosed spaces, etc. She sucks it up though (and grips on to her competitors for dear life), and the chefs arrive at their destination -- Norris' Glacier at the base of Guardian Mountain -- for some dog sledding.

"I would die for some good reefer," declares Sheldon. This reaction surprises no one.

Padma and Tom are already there waiting for the chefs to arrive, looking winter wonderland chic, and explain to the chefs that they're at the site of an Iditarod training camp. Everything I know about the Iditarod I read in a Malcolm Gladwell book (if only I could remember which one.) For their last Quickfire Challenge before the finale, the chefs have to create dishes using ingredients found only in the training camp.

Josh -- one half of Team Husky, which is apparently what Sheldon and Josh have called themselves all season (since when?) -- makes breakfast. Shocking. Also shocking is that Josh had to make a scramble at the last minute because his original desired method wasn't setting correctly. Unfortuntely, the scramble didn't really either. I wonder what else Josh would scramble if it didn't work out. I think the possibilities may be endless. Sheldon's halibut is good, but his sauce is a little one-note. Brooke -- who also made halibut -- wins. No immunity, though.