Team Top Chef

Pride hurts some chefs competing for the chance to compete in Seattle.

on Nov 6, 2012

Anyway! Tina goes for a "layered" soup with seafood, chorizo. Although I'm all for anything with chorizo, her soup sends her home. We learn that Kristen and Stephanie are really close -- they live in the same apartment building and have matching tattoos, but they make sure to tell us they're not lesbians. Kristen reminds me of Jenny Shimizu. Is it just me? We also learn about boob sweat -- apparently a real issue for female chefs. We also learn that if he makes it to Seattle, Josh may miss the birth of his daughter. Wow. We meet the adorable Jeffrey Jew whose chilled soup first gives Emeril pause. "You got a chiller in your pocket?" To which Emeril laughs at his own joke, and I subsequently laugh at Emeril. Emeril is a sweetheart, so him laughing at his own comments just cracks me up. But, Jeffrey pulls it off, and gets ta ticket to Seattle. The girls are separated. Kristen stays. Stephanie and Tina go home. 

We head back to Tom's kitchen. I just want to give a real kudos to Tom's regular staff for really teaching the Top Chefs what to do and not getting annoyed with them -- signs of true chefs. John gets a coat!

We head to Wolfgang's kitchen where he asks his chefs to make omelets. Two things about omelets: 1) everything I know about making one is from Jacques Pepin on PBS. Always use a whisk rather than a beater. 2) I still remember the best omelet I"ve ever had, and it was on Cape Cod years ago, sooo omelets aren't only harder than they look, but they can really stay with a diner.

We meet firecracker Carla, who was married to the owner of Rao's. She has a sort of early Janice Dickinson look going on, and she's loud, sooo predict she will probably ruffle some feathers in the kitchen. We meet Tyler Wiard whose omelet goes brown pretty quickly. Wolfgang assures the chefs that he's "an easy guy as long as you do it exactly the way [he wants.] Ha! And, "The stove is like a woman. It never does what it's supposed to." HIlarious, Wolfgang. Ahem. Tyler isn't the only one who has problems with his eggs. Daniel who has already told us how well his Washington-based restaurant is doing has a layer of grease on his. "Accept, adapt, move forward," he says. Perhaps instead of moving forward he should remake his dish. Carla doesn't like the look of hers so she covers with garnish. Wolfgang tells Eliza to add red meat, she does, and she moves forward. In fact, everyone moves forward except for Daniel, and he is not happy about it. I almost forgot Kuniko, who was a banker in Japan before coming to America to pursue her culinary career. I'm fascinated by her already.

After they earn their coats, the chefs are treated to an omelet tutorial by Wolfgang -- a once-in-a-lifetime experience.