Team Top Chef

Josie and Kristen's relationship in the kitchen was a complicated one.

on Jan 16, 2013

Sheldon might have a tough time reining in Stefan when Stefan quickly puts the kabash on Sheldon's desire for communal tables. I'm not saying Stefan isn't right -- he has opened quite a few successful restaurants. But, presumably, Sheldon wanted a certain vibe in his space, so shutting him down completely was a little harsh. But, seems like Sheldon will lay his claim to Urbano where the food is concerned since neither Josh nor Stefan have cooked Filipino cuisine before.

And the painful prep begins...

Kristen explains that she wants to touch every dish that goes out. Mmm...

Josie says she's off to go roast her bones for her bouillabaisse stock. Sheldon actually goes off to roast his chicken wings for his dish.

A bit later -- honestly not sure how much later -- Kristen asks Josie, "Have you started roasting?" Josie responds, in a very soft voice, that she's about to, as if Kristen had just interupted her, um, looking into nothingness? This is when I realized that Josie was kind of checked out. There just seemed like there was a wall, that Josie lost interest, that she wasn't paying attention anymore. What happened in the time between Josie leaving the main room to go roast the bones and Kristen having to ask her if she started doing it? As we watch the ladies prep, it comes to light that Josie still hasn't started her bones, and now there's no time. She'll do it the next day and she's confident that she can get it done. Some people say if you believe something you can achieve it. I'm not sure sure Josie actually believes she can achieve it anymore. "That's how I cook -- I don't rush things." Oh man. Kristen, visibily red in the face, walks out of the kitchen. I would've screamed my head off, which isn't the correct response either, but neither is giving up.

Back at the house, we see adorable artwork from Brooke's daughter, but we also see less-than-adorable complaining from Josie to her competitors! She explains to Josh and Stefan that she doesn't agree that all the dishes should be created a la minute, but she's a soldier. She's just a soldier. Well, Josie, even if you don't help your chef by saying why cooking everything a la minute might be detrimental to the team, being a soldier is doing things when your chef wants them done. And you didn't do that. (You can tell when I start addressings chefs directly that I'm annoyed.) Josh says, "If they cook the fish to order, they are gonna go down." Oh, how right he ends up being.