Team Top Chef

John Tesar will be missed... by one person at least.

on Jan 2, 2013


Hello, my little Kramer knives. (I actually use a Global chef's knife, so i feel like a poseur, but I'll get over it.) In this past week's episode of Last Chance Kitchen, reigning champ CJ competed against fellow tall drink of water, Bart, in a game of chicken. They had to make something pretty bland -- a chicken breast -- and make it bold… and beautiful. Bart was obviously fretting over his seasoning, which Tom said improved. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get him the win. And so, CJ moves on to live another week! I think it's time to start calling him Chef Hot Ginge a la Prince Hot Ginge (Harry). I'm getting over bronchitis -- please allow me this one moniker.

Back in the Top Chef Kitchen, Padma introduces Bob Kramer of Kramer Knives to the chefs. We just watched Sheldon sharpen his knives in the chefs' quarters earlier, so methinks he might do well in this challenge. We also saw Stefan use wrinkle cream, though, so I'm not sure what to think about anything. A sharp knife is a chef's most important tool. When I moved to Manhattan, I invested in a good chef's knife, and it was one of my best purchases. I don't know if I could swing a Kramer knife, but I'll add it to my list. Bob demonstrates how his knives cut through rope! If we had shown him cutting through a soda can, I would've lost it. You know, if you call in to Top Chef in the next 30 seconds, you get not one, but two inches of Kramer knife! But that's not all!…

The chefs engage in a knife skills relay race. Since the mise-en-place relay race is my seasonal favorite, I'm happy to see another spin on it! The remaining chefs break up into three groups of three. First, the chefs have to turn their dull knives into razor sharp blades that can cut paper. In a weird power play, John declares his team ready even though Kristen isn't. And in another weird turn of events, Kristen's knife easily cuts throughout the paper, and John's doesn't! It's OK  because they still beat the Green Team of Stefan, Brooke, and Lizzie. Round Two is to tourne 50 potatoes. I don't think I"ve ever eaten a potato that shape in my life. Maybe at a bat mitzvah? Anyway, Josie cuts herself, so she's disqualified, leaving John and Kristen to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, they lose to Micah, Sheldon, and Josh by two potatoes! For the final round the chefs have to break down two rabbits. Josh says it's ilke breaking down a cat. I'm leaving that one alone because I honestly don't want to know how he knows that. Micah wins and gets immunity. Nice work, Micah! Let your talent speak for you!