Gail Simmons

Gail explains that she just wants to be taken care of at dinner and commends one chef for conquering Restaurant Wars.

on Dec 4, 2013 Then you had Nina’s Pork Tenderloin with Sunchokes and Trumpet Royale Mushrooms.

GS: Nina’s pork tenderloin was by far the best dish of the night on that team. It was excellent. It was well cooked. There weren’t really any complaints about it.

You could tell that both Shirley and Nina worked in a bubble. There was so much going on around them between Justin, Carlos, and Sara. Shirley and Nina put their heads down, worked on their dishes, focused on their own food, and got it all out. And they were both well done, Nina’s especially.

What I thought was strange that I didn’t mention earlier was that it seemed like this whole team, and this could have also been their downfall from the beginning of the challenge, never discussed the menu as a whole. They never sat down and worked on each other’s dishes or made sure everyone else on their team was OK with what they were doing. In fact, when they went out shopping, it didn’t even seem like they had a menu yet, which I find so strange. Clearly from the beginning the other team Restaurant Fin, was much more at ease in their communication, which showed all the way through the challenge. And finally Sara’s dish, the Summer Nectarine Brown Butter Cake with Moscato Nectarine Salsa, which was sans mascarpone.

GS: She should have had some sort of backup for the broken mascarpone. It’s really too bad that she lost control of this course because she wasn’t in the kitchen. She might done something differently had she been back there to fix it. Carlos plated it and when that mascarpone broke, there were no options, there was no Plan B. Brown butter cake with summer nectarines sounded great, but it was oily and almost too simple. It didn’t have much finesse. It didn’t have a lot of refinement. I was expecting something more. I could have made a rustic dessert like that at home easily and actually made it better, unfortunately.

So, combining the failure of her dessert and her clear inability to communicate with the back of the house and with her team, taking into consideration all that went wrong during service and all the issues they had, we decided it was time for Sara to go home.

Nicholas, obviously, being the chef and executing the food for such excellent service in his restaurant was the winner.