Hugh Acheson

Hugh discusses the way chefs unwind, the gaseous properties of breadfruit, and the penultimate Elimination Challenge.

on Jan 28

I don't think this chef lineup is about to throw each other under any buses. They have gone beyond that point. It is actually the rosiest of judges tables.

Winners are Nicholas and Nina. Bottoms are Shirley and Louis.


Dear Louis,

You are a very adept tactician in the kitchen. Your clawing back in LCK was a test of your skills and patience and you prevailed. I ain't worried about your rise in this industry. Keep being the great dad and stellar chef. Massive success is right around the corner.




Dear Shirley,

You show everything about yourself in your food, a tribute to your security with who you are and how you cook. You are a badass. Continue being you and cooking your heart out every single day.