Team Top Chef's Senior Editor makes an embarrassing confession.

Dec 8, 2010

The winning team wasn't without their share of in-fighting as Marcel seemed to question Angelo's alteration of their mise en place. The only thing I would say to Marcel is that although I think he has a right to be skeptical about accepting "help" from Angelo -- it was Angelo's dish too. Angelo wouldn't sabotage himself -- it just doesn't make any sense. I would be interested in seeing what would have happened if the plums were kept their original size. Would the judges have had a problem with that? Also, I would eat gnocchi for brunch, but not breakfast, so I will condede that Team T-Rex had a point on that. What they didn't have a point on was that Tiffani got so upset about her choice of carnivores. The only person she has to be mad at is herself. Tom explained exactly what would be availlable.

This episode was insane, but it had its moments of lightness, like the entire sleepover. I thought it was so amusing to see a group choose to tour the museum with flashlights rather than sleep. The whole scenario just brought me back to middle school where there would always be the kids who shushed everyone and wanted to sleep, and the others who just wanted to stay up talking all night. I guess that never changes as you get older. Also, Tre's whole thing about sleeping naked was pretty entertaining -- I guess he had to settle for just going shirtless.

Anyway, I want to know: Do you think Jennifer deserved to go home, and if not, who would you have sent home instead? Also, did Joe's Quickfire joke make you gigle like a little girl too, or was it just me?

Until next week, Happy Noshing!