Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson admits that Keith's teammates let him fry like a little piggy, but explains why he had to go home.

on Nov 15, 2011

Moto Chris quotes movies, “Fry like bacon you freshmen bitches.” When in Texas, bring up Dazed & Confused references a lot. Except the line is “…piggies” not "bitches." They were evidently told to swear as much as possible this episode, and he just can’t help it. 

Bottom is Paul Q., Richie, and Nyesha. 

Top is Beverly, Sarah, and Dakota. 

Padma double dips. There a lot of innuendo. 

Chef Johnny Hernandez is the snake judge. Very nice guy and a local star. The goal was to feature the snake. Dakota is the winner. She doesn’t appear to be crying, but she may be getting better at hiding it. The X on her arm means immunity!

Challenge time. 

Blanca Flores comes out. Coolest 15 year-old ever. Truly balanced 15 year-old. I was skipping classes, playing snooker, and drinking beer at that age, which makes me a wee little bit remorseful…. I tell Dakota to cry for me later. Blanca tells the chefs her loves and likes for her Quinceañera, which is pronounced by Padma with utmost care, making me think of Alex Trebek. 

Here we go. Shopping problems. What are pre-cooked shrimp doing in any chef's cart? This is going to haunt that team, with a haunting murky fish pond odor that they can’t get away from. Who’s there when this happens? Funny you should ask: Ty-Lor, Nyesha, and Chris C. but the ultimate faux pas was committed by Keith. But, all guilty as charged! Most of them are thinking of alibis at this point in the episode. “I was on aisle four looking for an Korean lady named Chee.” 

Sorry but this is Top Chef…. You cannot cook with pre-cooked shrimp.