Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson wraps up a pressure-filled season.

on Feb 29, 2012

I wonder if this season of Top Chef could pass Canadian content regulations? For more information on Canadian content you can read older articles by some Canadian with two big eyebrows. He’s my dad and he’s an economist. 

Paul is Top Chef. Sarah is sad. May they both prosper.

Let me address the season overall. Though there was drama, though there were emotional battles, though there was tension, we really did see great food and great chefs. You don’t have to love them all -- that’s not what this is about. Perhaps some of the challenges were over-the-top and exhausting. We hear you. Trust me when I say that the show’s aim is to showcase great food, and show that being a chef is sometimes a matter of working under immensely strange pressure.  

Through the madness rose Paul. All season long he was professional and poised. He doesn’t get rattled, he didn’t start trouble, he didn’t malign others or try to trip them up. I personally think the guy is exactly what we need more of in our chef world: a soft-spoken, smart person, full of empathy and care but truly devoted to the craft of restaurants and the food he loves. 

That said, I am signing off. I am excited about next season. It’ll be fun again. I will miss my blogging in the next while but maybe I will start writing terse missives about RHOA in the interim. NeNe, watch out. 

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