Team Top Chef

Keith Rhodes thinks he was thrown under the bus by his teammates.

Nov 15, 2011

In the end, the Green Team wound up in front of the judges. But who would go home? Keith? Lindsay? Sarah? Ty-Lor?

Well, when the judges started asking questions, all hell kind of broke loose. Keith thought Sarah threw him under gut bus, and I kind of agree a little. Tom seemed to have an inkling as to what happened though, which I inferred from his question about who was present when the shrimp was purchased. Althoughh Keith was called out for the shrimp, Sarah also made a point to say that she's never had an enchilada with a flour tortilla. Before Hugh brought it up during the challenge, I didn't even know that distinction, so i obviously starting Googling the difference between flour and corn tortillas and their use in burritos versus enchiladas. And you know what? I found arguments for both sides. So, although maybe enchiladas don't traditionally have flour tortillas, I think if they could have been made delicious, it could have been overlooked. The fact that the chefs didn't even make their own tortillas did not help. I can't believe they did that honestly. Anyone knows that although store-bought tortillas can taste good, especially when grilled (I don't make my own tortillas), but if they're sitting in a buffet, get cold,they get kinda stale and gross. But, alas, Sarah and Lindsay were safe. 

Ty-Lor's fritter was a miss, but not bad enough to send him home. So, Keith went home. I was pretty bummed -- what a gentle giant he was, but he represented himself well, and I know he'll be OK.

Did you agree with the judges' decision? Let me know! Until then, Have a Nosh!