Let Padma Lakshmi Demonstrate the Art of "Sensual Eating" for the Camera

The host of Bravo's Top Chef knows what it takes to tempt TV viewers.  

From tater tots in Kentucky to fresh mangoes in India, Padma Lakshmi uses social media to let followers in on foods she eats on her adventures around the world. Her latest trip — which finds her in Hong Kong — is no exception. On July 18, the Bravo's Top Chef judge took to Instagram Stories to share what she was tucking into at the moment. 

"We're doing our own little impromptu version of Restaurant Wars," she shared. "We're going low and then we're gong very high. So right now we're at this little eatery and we're having these delicious noodles and these dumplings in broth, these Chinese greens with oyster sauce and some goose."

But before she took followers to the next restaurant, Padma had to teach them a very important skill: the art of sensual eating. "When you eat on camera it's important... to really like really tempt your viewer with these foods, because they can't eat it," she shared. (More's the pity — those noodles look great.) Then, Padma proceeded to demonstrate just how tempting she could make those Hong Kong eats look. 

Watch and learn from the master, friends: 

We'd say she nailed that on the first take. 

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