Padma Lakshmi Knows It's Time to Detox When She Feels Like This Picture

You need to see the visual that accompanies the pronouncement from Bravo's Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

When in Italy, Padma Lakshmi did what any self-respecting foodie would do: She ate her weight in pizza and pasta. When in Rome, right? (Or technically, when in Naples.) But, now that her Italian vacation has ended, so has Padma's desire to eat cheese-smothered snacks on the daily — and she has just the right visual to explain that feeling. 

On August 13, the Bravo's Top Chef judge took to Instagram Stories to post an extremely adorable if not exactly appetizing photo of dough. No slowly rising artisan loaf, this. Instead, think a drooping blob of human-shaped dough, replete with an oddly grotesque belly button.


Photo: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram

In her caption, Padma wrote: "How I feel after eating all of the pasta across Italy for two weeks straight."

Then, she let her intentions be known with a hash tag that said it all: #detox. We feel you, Padma! 

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