Snoop Dogg and Michael Voltaggio Just Broke the Record for Biggest Cup of Gin and Juice

Guinness was on hand to certify Snoop, Voltaggio, and the rest of the winning team at Napa's BottleRock fest.

As Snoop Dogg's fellow Death Row Records artist, the Lady of Rage, famously said: "Rock on with your bad self." And the hook from that iconic 1994 track "Afro Puffs" is pretty much all we want to say right now to Snoop, who has just broken the record for the largest glass of gin and juice ever created in history (or, at least according to official record keeping).

Indeed, with a team including fellow Long Beach hip-hop legend Warren G and (wait for it) Season 6 Bravo's Top Chef winner Michael VoltaggioSnoop broke the Guinness World Record attempt during the BottleRock Napa Valley festival. The crew appeared together on the Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage for the stunt, which consisted of mixing up 550 litters (or just over 145 gallons) of Hendrick's gin (apparently Dre failed to come through with a gang of Tanqueray?) and juice donated by Whole Foods. The glass, according to The Mercury News, was five feet tall and three feet wide.

A Guinness official stood by to present the certification of achievement to the team, celebrating the historic moment that may or may not be the pinnacle of each member's career: “The largest paradise cocktail was created by Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Michael Voltaggio, Kim Kaechele, and Kendall Coleman (All U.S.A.) in Napa, California, U.S.A. on 26 May 2018.” (For reference, you've never heard of a "paradise cocktail," but that's a fancy way of saying... gin and juice.)

And then, we presume, everybody got their cups but they aint chipped in. (Because that type of s--- happens all the time.)

Congrats to the whole crew!

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