OMFG Dogs in Winter Hats Are So Much Cuter Than We Ever Realized

The ear holes!!!

When our editor asked us to write up a story about dogs wearing winter hats, we were like, “Sure,” thinking it sounded like a pretty straightforward assignment. Dogs? Cute! Hats? Cute! No problemo, boss.

But when we started actually looking through the Instagram hashtag #dogsinhats, we realized that it’s so much more than merely “cute.” Turns out, there’s actually quite a selection of winter hats constructed specifically for dogs, with ear holes of varying sizes and chin straps to keep them in place. They’re festive and they’re merry and they’re sort of making us wish winter would last all year long! (Okay, that’s not true. But still.)

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Haven't you always wanted a monkey? #barenakedladies#frankiethefurter#dogsinhats

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Winter fashions ❤️

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#25daysofdogmas2017 Day 10 - Hat 📸@ranger_theridgebackmix

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